Arecibo polarimetric single-pulse survey

We report on an Arecibo 4.5-GHz polarimetric single-pulse survey of the brightest pulsars at high frequency within its sky. The high-frequency profiles are accompanied by a collection of both previously published and unpublished high quality 1.4- and 0.33-GHz observations. Here our analyses and discussion primarily involve the average and statistical properties of the 46 pulsars polarimetric pulse sequences, profile classification and frequency evolution, and polarimetric profiles and peak-occurrence histograms. In most cases both the fractional linear polarization and profile widths decrease with frequency as expected, but there are some exceptions. Similarly, we were able to review and/or extend the profile classifications for this population of pulsars and work out their beaming characteristics quantitatively showing that almost all show properties compatible with the core/double-cone emission beam model. The entirety of these observations' average profiles are accessible for download.

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Publication Year 2023
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