Catalog of Cataclysmic Variables

The Catalog and Atlas of Cataclysmic Variables (Edition 1: Downes & Shara; Edition 2: Downes, Webbink, & Shara) has been a valuable source of information for the cataclysmic variable community. However, the goal of having a central location for all objects is slowly being lost as each new edition is generated. There can also be a long time delay between new information becoming available on an object and its publication in the catalog. To eliminate these concerns, as well as to make the catalog more accessible, we have created a Web site which will contain a "living" edition of the catalog. We have also added orbital period information, as well as finding charts for novae, to the catalog. This catalogue supersedes the previous versions of 1997 (Cat. ) and 1993 (Cat. ). This version is dated February 2006, and supersedes the 2001 version (Cat. )

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Creator Downes R.A.; Webbink R.F.; Shara M.M.; Ritter H.; Kolb U.; Duerbeck H.W.
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Publication Year 2006
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