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We present a panoramic atlas of Spitzer/Infrared Spectrograph (IRS) spectra of extragalactic sources collected from the recent literature, with value-added measurements of their spectral features obtained in a homogeneous and concise manner. The atlas covers the full spectrum of the extragalactic Universe and includes star-forming galaxies, obscured and unobscured active galaxies, luminous and ultra-luminous infrared galaxies, and hybrid objects. Measured features such as the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, the strength of the silicates in emission or absorption around 9.7um, rest-frame monochromatic luminosities or colours, combined with measurements derived from spectral decomposition are used to establish diagnostics that allow for classification of sources, based on their infrared properties alone. Average templates of the various classes are also derived. The full atlas with the value-added measurements and ancillary archival data are publicly available at http://www.denebola.org/atlas, with full references to the original data.

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