Alpha Per High res. spectral atlas at 3810-8100{AA}

We present a high resolution (R=90000) spectral atlas of the F5Ib star Alpha Per covering the 3810-8100{AA} region. The atlas, based on data obtained with the aid of the echelle spectrograph BOES fed by 1.8-m telescope at Bohyunsan observatory (Korea) is a result of co-addition of a few well-exposed spectra. A final signal-to-noise ratio is ~800 at ~6000{AA}. The atlas is compared with the synthetic spectrum computed using the code based on (Kurucz, 1995, ASP Conf. Ser. 81, 583) software and databases. The adopted model atmosphere parameters are Teff=6240+/-20K, logg=0.58+/-0.04, and Vturb=3.20+/-0.05km/s. We also derived the iron abundance of [Fe/H]=-0.28+/-0.06. The spectral lines of Alpha Per have been identified by matching the synthetic spectrum with the observed one. The atlas is presented in figures and available in digital form at along with synthetic spectrum and spectral line identification tables.

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Creator Lee B.-C.; Galazutdinov G.; Han I.; Kim K.-M.; Yushchenko A.V.; Kim J.,Tsymbal V.; Park M.-G.
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Publication Year 2006
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