CGRO/BATSE Pulsar Observations

BATSE data are divided into four groups: trigger, daily, occultation, and pulsar. Each group has structured directories beneath it containing data ordered by an appropriate criterion. Typically, several files of data are necessary to form a complete set of data for a particular entity. The BATSE pulsar data are organized similarly to the OCCULTATION data set, with the difference being in the filename extensions: 'olc' files contain on-board folded light curves, whereas 'pll' files (available in the HEASARC anonymous FTP area, but not via this database table) contain pulsar low level data. This database table allows the user to select 'olc' files or GIFs created from these files for 8 out of the several dozen pulsars for which BATSE data are available. This database table was created by the HEASARC based on information supplied by the CGRO Project. The last update was in March 2003. This is a service provided by NASA HEASARC .

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