NEP deep survey at 11um

We present the properties of 11um selected sources detected in the early data of the North Ecliptic Pole Deep (NEP-Deep) Survey of AKARI. The data set covers 6 wavelength bands from 2.5 to 11um, with exposure times of 10-20 minutes. This field lies within the CFHT survey with four filter bands (g', r', i', z'), enabling us to establish nearly continuous spectral energy distributions (SEDs) for wavelengths ranging from 0.4 to 11um. The main sample studied here consists of 72 sources whose 11um AB magnitudes are equal to or brighter than 18.5 (144uJy), which is complete to more than 90%. The 11um band has an advantage of sampling star-forming galaxies with low-to-medium redshifts, since the prominent PAH feature shifts into this band. As expected, we find that the majority (71%) of 11um bright sources are star-forming galaxies at 0.2~<z~<0.7 with L_IR_~10^10^-10^12^~L_{sun}_ based on detailed modelling of the SEDs. We also find four AGNs lying at various redshifts in the main sample. In addition, we discuss a few sources that have non-typical SEDs of the main sample, including a brown-dwarf candidate, a steep power-law source, a flat-spectrum object, and an early-type galaxy at moderate redshift.

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