IRAS/SiO sources toward Galactic Bulge

Near-infrared photometric observations in the J-, H-, and K-bands have been made for 86 IRAS sources toward the inner Galactic bulge (|l|<3{deg} and |b|<3{deg}). SiO maser emission has previously been detected in all of these sources; they are well-confirmed, mass-losing, late-type stars having accurate radial velocities derived from SiO observations. For 78 sources, single, unambiguous near-infrared counterparts were found within the errors of the IRAS positions; for the other 8 sources, multiple candidates, candidates with a low confidence level, or candidates overlapped with other stars were found. From the J-, H-, K-band and IRAS 12 and 25{mu}m intensities, we estimated the spectral energy distributions of the sources, and obtained the distances, assuming a constant luminosity. The derived distances of the IRAS/SiO sources are consistent with the current bar model of the Galactic bulge, where the near side of the bar is located in the first quadrant of the galactic longitude. We also reanalyzed the radial velocity shift with distance, and confirmed the presence of streaming motions of stars in the bar-like bulge.

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