LMC & SMC PNe optical spectroscopy. I


We present optical spectroscopy in the range 3300-7400A for a total of 30 planetary nebulae in the LMC and 11 in the SMC, with measurements of line intensities down to ~1% of H{beta}. Agreement with other authors is on the whole excellent, especially for lines >+10%-20% of H{beta}. Reddening estimates from Balmer line ratios have been determined, and the line intensities dereddened accordingly. Nebular [O III] electron temperature and, where measurable, [N II] temperatures and [S II] densities are given. [O II] electron densities are recalculated using appropriate electron temperatures. A number of spectra exhibit interesting spectral features (including symbiotic-type profiles, unidentified emission lines, and nonsimple Balmer decrements). These objects are discussed in some detail. Zanstra temperatures are derived for a total of 25 objects possessing detectable stellar continua. These temperatures are in agreement with the few published values from various methods, and preliminary photoionization modeling of this sample. The homogeneity and size of the sample make it possible to investigate several interesting correlations between measured parameters.

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