LAMOST DR5 survey spectra

This services provides 1D spectra from DR5 of LAMOST (Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope) through SSAP; data is served both in VO-standard SDM and, via datalink, the original SDSS-inspired FITS described in .

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Related Identifier
Metadata Access
Creator National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Instrument LAMOST
Publisher The GAVO DC team
Publication Year 2019
Rights The data was obtained from – terms and condition may apply. The metadata descriptions were provided in part by the Czech VO, in particular Petr Skoda and Jiri Nadvornik.
OpenAccess true
Contact GAVO Data Center Team <gavo(at)>
Resource Type Dataset; AstroObjects
Discipline Astrophysics and Astronomy; Galactic and extragalactic Astronomy; Interdisciplinary Astronomy; Natural Sciences; Observational Astronomy; Physics
Temporal Coverage 2011-10-24T12:00:00Z 2017-06-16T19:12:00Z