Joined Bayestar17 3D Dust Map

This is a view of the dust maps in the five orders, generated by splitting the larger pixels from the higher orders into HEALPixes of order 10. This means, in particular, that the spatial resolution for all pixels with original_order!=10. Use this for convenient joins to other tables.

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Creator Green, G.M.; Schlafly, E.F.; Finkbeiner, D.; Rix, H.-W.; Martin, N.; Burgett, W.; Draper, P.W.; Flewelling, H.; Hodapp, K.; Kaiser, N.; Kudritzki, R.-P.; Magnier, E.A.; Metcalfe, N.; Tonry, J.L.; Wainscoat, R; Waters, C.
Instrument Pan-STARRS 1
Publisher The GAVO DC team
Publication Year 2018
OpenAccess true
Contact GAVO Data Center Team <gavo(at)>
Resource Type Dataset; AstroObjects
Discipline Astrophysics and Astronomy; Galactic and extragalactic Astronomy; Interstellar medium; Natural Sciences; Observational Astronomy; Physics