Probable Members of the SMC

An objective prism survey was conducted to discover probable members of the Small Magellanic Cloud. Interference filters were used to restrict the wavelength range and, hence, decrease the background and crowding. The limiting absolute magnitude of the survey is about -4.5. The 1975 paper listed 506 stars that show high luminosity characteristics; 193 of them had been confirmed by other authors. The 1979 paper added 14 additional probable members and photometric observations of 11 stars from the earlier paper that confirmed their membership. For completeness, four new Wolf-Rayet stars detected by Azzopardi and Breysacher (1979) were included. The catalog contains a catalog number in order of right ascension with the suffixes "a" or "b" used for the newer stars interpolated in the original list. Also included are the 1975 position, the MK spectral classification, the V magnitude, the (B-V) and (U-B) color indices, the number of observations, the identification chart number, and remarks indicating previous identifications. A later catalogue of the Small Magellanic Could star members is also published by Azzopardi and Vigneau =1982A&AS...50..291A Nomenclature Note: The stars from this paper (and the 1982 one) are found in the literature with several designations: AzV, AV, AZ, AZO, or AzVi.

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