Numerical Wetting Benchmarks - Advancing the plicRDF-isoAdvector unstructured Volume-of-Fluid (VOF) method using the parabolic fit curvature model- Jupyter Notebooks, CSV files, Secondary Data, Parameter variation file

The simulation results obtained using parabolic fit curvature model. Jupyter notebooks for post-processing of the wetting benchmark results are present. The post-processing, based on Jupyter notebooks, are not just for OpenFOAM, but for any other simulation software provided the files storing the secondary data (error norms) are organized as described in the file.

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Creator Asghar, Muhammad Hassan; Fricke, Mathis; Bothe, Dieter; Marić, Tomislav
Publisher TU Darmstadt
Contributor Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft; TU Darmstadt
Publication Year 2023
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