OZCAR-RI Glacioclim Col de Porte - France

The Col de Porte pilot site is located near Grenoble, in the Chartreuse massif (elevation : 1325m, latitude : 45°30’N, longitude : 5°77’ E). At this mountain site located in a grassy meadow surrounded by a coniferous forest; all the measurements are located within an flat area of 50 × 50 m. Meteorological and snow parameters are recorded hourly since 1961. These parameters are : - Air temperature and relative humidity of air - Incoming and outcoming short and long-wave radiations - Wind speed and direction - Precipitation - Snow depth, snow water equivalent - Settlements and snow temperatures of the different layers of the snowpack Weekly snowpack profiles are also carried out, including major stratigraphic properties of snow (temperature, density, liquid water content, snow type). All sensors are located within a radius of a few tens of meters. (1) Geonor precipitation gauges (3 sensors) and OTT2 (1 sensor), (2) PG2000 heated and non-heated precipitation gauges, (3) windspeed measurements at the top of the 10 m meteorological mast and at the same level of the precipitation gauges, (4) lysimeters (2 sensors), (5) snow depth and surface temperature sensors and settling disks, (6) temperature and relative humidity of air sensors placed in the shelter, (7) Incoming and outcoming longwave and shortwave radiation sensors placed on the rotating arm, (8) close-up on the 4 components radiation sensors, (9) building (cold room, data acquisition, lab space), (10) cosmic rays counter for SWE measurements, (11) former experimental area for the study of road/snow interactions, (12) automatic snow and weather station Nivose for testing purposes (generally used in remote mountain areas), (13) forest area impacted by the cut in 1999, (14) snow pit area,

Fore more information refer to : Morin, S., Lejeune, Y., Lesaffre, B., Panel, J.-M., Poncet, D., David, P., and Sudul, M.: An 18-yr long (1993-2011) snow and meteorological dataset from a mid-altitude mountain site (Col de Porte, France, 1325 m alt.) for driving and evaluating snowpack models, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 4, 13-21, doi:10.5194/essd-4-13-2012, 2012

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