Halpha measurements in Abell 2465

We investigate the star formation rate and its location in the major merger cluster Abell 2465 at z=0.245. Optical properties of the cluster are described in. Measurements of the H{alpha} and infrared dust emission of galaxies in the cluster were made with an interference filter centred on the redshifted line at a wavelength of 817 nm and utilized data from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer satellite 12{mu}m band. Imaging in the Johnson U and B bands was obtained, and along with Sloan Digital Sky Survey u and r was used to study the blue fraction, which appears enhanced, as a further signature of star formation in the cluster. Star formation rates were calculated using standard calibrations. The total star formation rate normalized by the cluster mass, {Sigma}SFR/M_cl_ compared to compilations for other clusters indicate that the components of Abell 2465 lie above the mean z and M_cl_ relations, suggestive that interacting galaxy clusters have enhanced star formation. The projected radial distribution of the star-forming galaxies does not follow an NFW profile and is relatively flat indicating that fewer star-forming galaxies are in the cluster centre. The morphologies of the H{alpha} sources within R_200_ for the cluster as a whole indicate that many are disturbed or merging, suggesting that a combination of merging or harassment is working.

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