OZCAR-RI Draix-Bleone observatory - France

Draix-Bleone observatory was created in 1983 to study mountain erosion and sediment transport. It is located in the French South Alps, upstream of Digne, on the left side (Draix site) and right side (Galabre site) of the Bleone river. Several catchments are equipped to measure water and sediment fluxes, at spatial scales ranging from 0.001 km2 to 34 km2, with contrasted land use and land cover. The smallest catchments are entirely situated on black marl that are very sensitive to weathering and erosion, resulting in a badland topography. The Bouinenc and Galabre catchments integrate a larger diversity of lithologies and land use that are characteristic of the Pre-Alps. The climate is mountainous and Mediterranean. These sites are characterized by their intense erosion and intermittent sediment fluxes.

The variables that are monitored on the long-term include rainfall and meteorology, high-frequency water discharge and suspended sediment concentration (1-10 minutes), event-scale bedload transport, some physico-chemical properties of stream water and sediments.

Draix-Bleone Observatory is managed by IGE and is funded by INRAE, INSU and OSUG. It is a member of the French research infrastructure OZCAR. The GIS Draix-Bleone gathers all research teams involved on these sites.

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