Westerbork in the Southern Hemisphere (WISH) Source Catalog

The Westerbork in the Southern Hemishpere (WISH) is a low-frequency (352 MHz) radio survey that covers most of the sky (the Galactic Plane region |b| < 10 degrees is excluded) between -26 and -9 degrees (1.60 sr) at a wavelength of 92 cm to a limiting flux density of approximately 18 mJy (5 sigma). WISH is the southern extension of the Westerbork Northern Sky Survey (WENSS). Due to the very low elevation of the observations, the survey has a much lower resolution in declination than in right ascension (54" x 54" cosec[delta]). A correlation with the 1.4GHz NVSS (<a href="https://cdsarc.cds.unistra.fr/ftp/cats/VIII/65">CDS Cat. VIII/65</a>) shows that the positional accuracy is less constrained in declination than in right ascension, but there is no significant systematic error. This table contains 90,357 352-MHz flux density measurements, some of them being multiple observations of the same sources, some of them measurements of individual components of multi-component sources. While the abstract of the reference paper states that there are 73,570 sources in this catalog, the HEASARC counts 77,414 unique sources in this version of the table. The correlation with the NVSS was also used to construct a sample of faint Ultra Steep Spectrum sources (Table 2 in the reference paper, available at <a href="http://cdsarc.u-strasbg.fr/ftp/cats/VIII/69A/uss.dat.gz">http://cdsarc.u-strasbg.fr/ftp/cats/VIII/69A/uss.dat.gz</a>;). This sample is aimed at increasing the number of known high redshift radio galaxies to allow detailed follow-up studies of these massive galaxies and their environments in the early Universe. WISH is a collaboration between the Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy (NFRA/ASTRON) and the Leiden Observatory. Carlos De Breuck, Yuan Tang, Ger de Bruyn, Huub Rottgering, Wil van Breugel, and Roeland Rengelink. For more information, see the WENSS home page at <a href="http://www.astron.nl/wow/testcode.php?survey=1">http://www.astron.nl/wow/testcode.php?survey=1</a>;. This table was created by the HEASARC in November 2010 base on <a href="https://cdsarc.cds.unistra.fr/ftp/cats/VIII/69A">CDS catalog VIII/69A</a> file wish11.dat. This is a service provided by NASA HEASARC .

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