Revised source list for the Rees 38-MHz survey

We present a revised machine-readable source list for the Rees 38-MHz (or '8C') survey with improved positions and no redundancy. The Rees 38-MHz survey covers an area of about 1 sr north of declination +60 degrees. The angular resolution is 4.5 x 4.5cosec(Dec) arcmin**2 and the limiting flux density over much of the survey area is about 1 Jy. Both of these figures are an improvement by nearly an order of magnitude on previous surveys at this frequency. Users of these data should consult and cite the original survey paper by Rees as primary reference (1990MNRAS.244..233R) with the present publication (1995MNRAS.274..447H) as a supplementary revision. The recommended style of reference is thus : "The revised Rees 38-MHz survey (Rees 1990, catalogue revised Hales et. al 1995)." Note that for interest the source list includes data on some sources at declinations lower than +60 degrees, but that the right ascension coverage is not complete below +60 degrees.

Cone search capability for table VIII/31/8c (38-MHz data on 5859 sources)

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