Magellanic Clouds bridge region HI profiles

Two hundred and seventeen HI profiles at positions approximately 1degree apart in the bridge region between the Small and Large Magellanic Clouds have been observed with a 15' arc beam. Diagrams of all the profiles, lists of column densities and average radial velocities are given, together with details of the extensive Gaussian analysis needed to account for the components. It is shown that the bridge region is most complex. (a) Two radial velocity (1) groups, +214 and +238km/s, represent the actual HI bridge between the two galaxies. (b) Three other components, at mean radial velocities of +155, +177 and +195km/s are seen to be integral parts of the SMC, stretching east to RA~04h. (c) A further three components in groups at mean radial Velocities +253, +272 and +293km/s appear to be extensions of HI from the main body of the LMC. Nine sets of five closely spaced observations in the lower Magellanic Stream and in the bridge region at high sensitivity supply further information about the region.

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