Validation and verification of the plicRDF-isoAdvector unstructured Volume-of-Fluid (VOF) method for wetting problems - input data

Input data to run the wetting case studies. The benchmark suite contains four case studies. The first study reports the accuracy of the interface advection near walls. The second case study is the spreading of droplets on a flat and a spherical surface, respectively. A validation study of partial wetting dynamics is also performed. Furthermore, a 2D capillary rise benchmark is also included. The case studies are run with an arbitrary value of slip length and different curvature model (parabolic fit, height function, and RDF) available in the 'TwoPhaseFlow' library.

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Creator Asghar, Muhammad Hassan; Fricke, Mathis; Bothe, Dieter; Marić, Tomislav
Publisher TU Darmstadt
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Publication Year 2024
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