Leiden/Argentine/Bonn (LAB) Survey of Galactic HI

The LAB survey contains the final data release of observations of 21-cm emission from Galactic neutral hydrogen over the entire sky, merging the Leiden/Dwingeloo Survey (LDS: Hartmann & Burton 1997, Cat. VIII/54) of the sky north of -30{deg} with the Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomia Survey (IAR: Arnal et al. 2000A&AS..142...35A and Bajaja et al. 2005, Cat. VIII/75) of the sky south of -25{deg}. The angular resolution of the combined material is HPBW ~ 0.6{deg}. The LSR velocity coverage spans the interval -450 km/s to +400 km/s, at a resolution of 1.3km/s. The data were corrected for stray radiation at the Institute for Radioastronomy of the University of Bonn, refining the original correction applied to the LDS. The rms brightness-temperature noise of the merged database is 0.07-0.09 K. Residual errors in the profile wings due to defects in the correction for stray radiation are for most of the data below a level of 20-40 mK. It would be necessary to construct a telescope with a main beam efficiency of {eta}MB>99% to achieve the same accuracy. The merged and refined material entering the LAB Survey of Galactic H I is intended to be a general resource useful to a wide range of studies of the physical and structural characteristices of the Galactic interstellar environment. The LAB Survey is the most sensitive Milky Way H I survey to date, with the most extensive coverage both spatially and kinematically. The Survey is available as 3-D maps, with or without Hanning smoothing, covering the whole +/-458km/s or limited to +/-250km/s range. The resolution of the 3-D maps is 0.5{deg} in galactic longitude and latitude, and up to 1km/s in velocity. The survey exists also as (b,v) maps at longitude intervals stepped by 0.5{deg} -- these files supersedes the FITS files given in the Hartmann and Burton Atlas (Cat. VIII/54)

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