ROSAT X-ray sources in LMC. II.


About 200 X-ray sources from a sample of spectrally hard ROSAT PSPC sources, given in the catalog of Haberl & Pietsch (1999, Cat. ), and observed in a ~60 square degree field of the LMC during several archival pointed observations with a wide range of exposure times have been reanalyzed. For these sources accurate count rates and hardness ratios have been recalculated. In comparison to Haberl & Pietsch (1999, Cat. ) we used merged data from all available observations and we derived average source parameters by investigating each source individually. From a simulation power-law spectral tracks have been derived in the HR1-HR2 plane and ~170 sources have been classified as background X-ray sources or as LMC X-ray binaries. 80% of the spectrally hard X-ray sources with more than 50 observed counts have been found to be consistent with background X-ray sources and 20% with LMC X-ray binaries (53 sources with AGN and 15 with X-ray binaries).

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