XMM-Newton Large-Scale Structure Deep Full-Exposure X-Ray Source Catalog

This table contains some of the X-ray results from the final release of the multiwavelength XMM-Large Scale Structure (LSS) data set, covering the full survey area of 11.1 deg<sup>2</sup>. The 124 XMM-Newton observations used in the complete XMM-LSS are described in Section 2 and Table 1 of the primary reference paper (Chiappetti et al. 2013, hereafter Paper II). The X-ray data were processed with the latest XMM-LSS XAMIN pipeline version. The catalogs in Paper II supersede the catalog from the first paper in this series (Paper I: Pierre et al. 2007, MNRAS, 382, 279, available at the HEASARC as the XMMLSS table) pertaining to the initial 5 deg<sup>2</sup>. The authors provide X-ray source lists in the customary soft and hard energy bands (0.5-2 keV and 2-10 keV, respectively) for a total of 6721 objects in the deep full-exposure 2XLSSd catalog presented in this table, and 5572 objects in the catalog limited to 10 ks exposures (available at the HEASARC as the XMMLSS10KS table), above a detection likelihood of 15 in at least one band. At the XMMLSS web site which they maintain (<a href="http://cosmosdb.iasf-milano.inaf.it/XMM-LSS/">http://cosmosdb.iasf-milano.inaf.it/XMM-LSS/</a>;), the authors also provide a multiwavelength catalog, cross-correlating their list of X-ray sources with infrared, near-infrared, optical and ultraviolet catalogs. Customary data products, such as X-ray FITS images and thumbnail images from the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Legacy Survey and the Spitzer Wide-Area Infrared Extragalactic Survey, are made available there, together with their data base in Milan, which can be queried interactively. In this table, the authors provide the source list for the full area (11.1 square degrees) of the XMM-LSS, with a total of 6721 point-like or extended sources above a detection likelihood of 15 in either the 0.5-2 or 2-10 keV bands. This table, the 2XLSSd "deep catalog" version containing the result of the analysis of the full-length exposures, lists the main X-ray parameters, while further multiwavelength parameters and data products (X-ray images and optical/IR thumbnails) are available at the Milan XMM-LSS database site referenced above. It supersedes the first XMM-LSS version (Pierre et al. 2007, available at the HEASARC as the XMMLSS table). Analogously to Paper I, only sources with an off-axis angle < 13 arcmin were processed by the authors' X-ray data processing pipeline software, XAMIN. The catalog includes all the extended sources classified in the customary C1 and C2 classes (see Section 3.6 of Paper II) plus all point-like sources with a point source detection likelihood (DET_LH) greater than 15 (so-called non-spurious sources).

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