HEAO 1 A1 X-Ray Source Catalog

The HEAO 1 A-1 X-Ray Source Catalog contains information about X-ray sources detected with the NRL Large Area Sky Survey Experiment (also referred to as the A-1 Experiment) flown aboard the HEAO-1 satellite. The catalog represents results from the first six months of data from HEAO-1, during which time a scan of the entire sky was completed. Positions and intensities for 842 sources are listed, with a limiting flux of 250 nanoJanskies (nJy) at 5 keV, or about 0.25 Uhuru flux units (UFU). The catalog is more than 90% complete at a flux level equivalent to 1.5 microJanskies (uJy) at 5 keV, for a Crab-like spectrum. The A-1 catalog has been cross-referenced with published literature. Identifications based on coincidence in position have been proposed for some of the sources for which previous work has established no firm identification. Half of the sources remained unidentified at the time of catalog publication (1984). The A3 database contains a list of 654 optical objects identified with A-1 error boxes.

Source https://heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov/W3Browse/all/a1.html
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