XMM-Newton COSMOS X-Ray Point Source Catalog

This table contains the XMM-Newton EPIC COSMOS X-ray point-like source catalog (XMM-COSMOS). The COSMOS survey is a multiwavelength survey aimed to study the evolution of galaxies, AGN and large scale structures. Within this survey, XMM-COSMOS is a powerful tool for detecting AGN and galaxy clusters. The XMM-COSMOS is a deep X-ray survey over the full 2 deg<sup>2</sup> of the COSMOS area. It consists of 55 XMM-Newton pointings for a total exposure of ~1.5 Ms with an average vignetting-corrected depth of 40 ks across the field of view and a sky coverage of 2.13 deg<sup>2</sup>. The analysis was performed using the XMM-SAS data analysis package in the 0.5-2 keV, 2-10 keV and 5-10 keV energy bands. Source detection has been performed using a maximum likelihood technique especially designed for raster scan surveys. The completeness of the catalog as well as log N-log S and source density maps have been calibrated using Monte Carlo simulations. This is the catalogue of point-like X-ray sources detected with the EPIC CCD cameras. The catalogs contains a total of 1887 unique sources detected in at least one band with likelihood parameter det_ml > 10. The survey, which shows unprecedented homogeneity, has a flux limit of ~1.7 x 10<sup>-15</sup> erg/cm<sup>2</sup>/s, ~9.3 x 10<sup>-15</sup> erg/cm<sup>2</sup>/s and ~1.3 x 10<sup>-14</sup> erg/cm<sup>2</sup>/s over 90% of the area (1.92 deg<sup>2</sup>) in the 0.5-2 keV, 2-10 keV and 5-10 keV energy bands, respectively.

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