Corrective method dedicated to Isocor for calculating carbon isotopologue distribution from GCMS runs


A P2M2 (IGEPP's Metabolic Profiling and Metabolomic Platform) workflow was built to obtain carbon isotopologue distribution of specific metabolites (complete list of metabolites available in the file "Metabolite.dat") from GC-MS raw data files. The input files for this workflow can be any GC-MS raw dataset that contains a column "Name" filled with each carbon isotopologue of each fragment considered and a column "Area" filled with the area of the integrated peak. The name of each fragment must be written exactly as specified in the "Metabolite.dat" file to ensure accurate correction with IsoCor. Example: the name "ProlineC2C5_TMS_m0" is for the GC-MS fragment m/z 142 (integrated peak) containing the C2-C3-C4-C5 carbon skeleton of proline and 1 TMS derivative. m0 refers to the carbon isotopologue monitored (m0 for m/z = 142, m1 for m/z = 143, m2 for m/z = 144, m3 for m/z = 145, m4 for m/z = 146). (2021-10-17)

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Creator Dellero, Younes (INRAE); Filangi, Olivier (INRAE)
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