Passive acoustic telemetry data for lenok (Brachymystax lenok Pallas 1773) in the Eroo River and some tributaries (Selenga River basin, Mongolia, 2011-2012), supplement to: Kaus, Andrew; Büttner, Olaf; Karthe, Daniel; Schäffer, Michael; Borchardt, Dietrich (in press): Migration and movement profiles of a potadromous fish (Brachymystax lenok Pallas 1773) in a highly connected river system (Mongolia). Ecology of Freshwater Fish

The aim of this research was to describe and quantify the seasonal migration patterns and fine-scale movement profiles of Brachymystax lenok, a threatened, potadromous salmonid that inhabits the highly connected, boreal river basins of Siberia and northern Asia. During this study 21 mature individuals were monitored over a 15 month period in the upper Eroo River basin, Mongolia, using passive acoustic telemetry. The time and position of the fish is provided here.

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