UBV photometry of LMC foreground stars III

New UBV photometry for 878 luminous member stars of the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) and 13 stars of uncertain membership is presented. Including former observations now UBV data are available for altogether 2470 luminous LMC stars and 2106 foreground stars plus 65 stars of uncertain membership. The observations have been used already for several investigations dealing e.g. with interstellar reddening lines and intrinsic colours, the dust distribution and the calibration of charge-coupled device exposures.

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Creator Schmidt-Kaler T.; Gochermann J.; Oestreicher M.O.; Grothues H.-G.,Tappert C.; Zaum A.; Berghoefer T.; Brugger H.R.
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Publication Year 2000
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