Astrophysical supplements to ASCC-2.5

The catalogue of stars in the Galactic open cluster areas (CSOCA) is the result of the kinematic (proper motion), photometric and spatial member selection of stars listed in the homogeneous All-sky Compiled Catalogue of 2.5 Million Stars (ASCC-2.5, Cat. ) within 520 areas with open clusters selected from an on-line release 2.0 of catalogue by Dias et al. (2004,, Cat. VII/229). The areas represent quadratic fields centered at adopted cluster centers with side lengths of a_cl_[deg]=2*(r_cl_+0.1), where r_cl_ is the determined angular radius of the cluster. For clusters with r_cl_<0.4{deg}, a_cl_=1{deg}. In every cluster area the CSOCA contains the complete list of the ASCC-2.5 stars. The catalog includes accurate J2000 equatorial coordinates, proper motions in the Hipparcos system, BV photometric data in the Johnson system, proper motion, photometric and spatial membership probabilities, and angular distances from the cluster centers for all included stars. If available, trigonometric parallaxes, multiplicity and variability flags from the ASCC-2.5, spectral types (from the ASCC-2.5 or the Tycho-2 Spectral Type Catalog ), and radial velocities with their errors from the Catalogue of Radial Velocities of Galactic Stars with high precision Astrometric Data (CRVAD, ) are also given. Since some cluster areas overlap each other some stars are included in the CSOCA several times. The catalogue contains 171319 entries for 149849 stars. Entries are sorted in right ascension J2000 order.

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