SiO maser search off the Galactic plane

We searched for the SiO J=1-0, v=1 and 2 maser lines at ~43GHz in 277 2MASS/MSX/IRAS sources off the Galactic plane (|b|>~3{deg}), which resulted in 119 (112 new) detections. Among the new detections, two are very faint objects with MSX 12{mu}m flux densities below 2Jy. These are likely to be O-rich AGB-stars associated with dwarf-galaxy tidal tails. The sample also includes medium bright MSX objects at moderately high galactic latitudes (3{deg}<|b|<5{deg}) and in the IRAS gap at higher latitudes. A signature of a warp of the inner Galactic disk is found for a disk subsample. This warp appears relatively strongly in the area of 0{deg}<l<45{deg} and 3{deg}<|b|<5{deg}. We also found a group of stars that does not follow to the Galactic rotation. This feature appears in the Galactic disk at l~27{deg}, and extends more than 15{deg} in the galactic latitude, like a stream of tidal debris from a dwarf galaxy.

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