Wide-Field Plate Database

The Wide-Field Plate Database (WFPDB) contains the descriptive information for the astronomical wide-field (~>1deg.) photographic observations stored in numerous archives all over the world. When finished it will provide an on-line access to the information for about 2 million observations from nearly 300 archives, obtained since the end of last century. Presently the WFPDB includes data for about 330 000 observations from 57 plate catalogues. About 120 000 observations more from 32 plate catalogs are in preparation to be included in the database. The WFPDB provides for each observation information for the corresponding archive, the parameters of the observational instrument, the observation parameters (position on sky, observation time, object name, method, exposure time, emulsion type, filter type, spectral band, plate size), as well as data on the plate quality, comments, and observers. Data on the plate availability and digitization will be supplemented in the WFPDB in the future.

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Creator Tsvetkov M.K.; Stavrev K.Y.; Tsvetkova K.P.; Mutafov A.S.; Semkov E.H.
Publisher CDS
Publication Year 1998
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