OZCAR-RI SNO_KARST Jurassic Karst site - France

The Jurassic Karst scheme in place since 2009 aims to characterise the long-term evolution of the karst aquifer system of the Jura mountains.

The specific topographical context of the Jura mountains allows the study of these aquifers at increasing altitudes along a climatic gradient. The plant cover and soil types vary along this gradient, thereby modulating the biogeochemical functioning of the infiltration zone of the karst hydrosystems.

Four karst springs are monitored at sites of increasing altitude:

Fourbanne site (Doubs valley, near Baume-les-Dames): altitude 330 m, catchment surface 30 km2;
Lods site (upper Loue valley): altitude 380 m, approx. catchment surface 35 km2;
Fertans (Amancy plateau): altitude 530 m, approx. catchment surface 1 km2;
Mouthe (source of Doubs river): altitude 950 m, approx. catchment surface 50 km2.

A number of physico-chemical parameters are monitored continuously on all sites, and supplemented weekly by automatic sampling at Fourbanne, Lods and Fertans.

Contact : Marc Steinmann; Chrono-Environment Laboratory – University of Franche-Comté

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