OZCAR-RI ROSES Groundwater network observatory - France

ROSES is the groundwater observatory network at national scale (France); it's based on 78 000 monitoring water points (4600 observatory boreholes and 75 000 qualitometers (wells, borholes, springs); some stations concern both measurements, quality and groundwater level). Some water points belong to water framework directive (WFD) such as groundwater level data network 0000000070, quality monitoring network 0000000071 and quality operational network 0000000072, and several other regional networks operated by various actors. Available data: More than 15 million piezometric levels, more than 78 million analyses (in situ parameters, major ions, traces, organic compound (pesticides, pharmaceutical substances, ...)) Monitoring frequencies for the chemical data are different in fonction of the pressure on the ressource (monthly to yearly). Regarding groundwater level, for the WFD observatory boreholes network, the frequency is on the hour base; in the database, daily data are only available. All ROSES' data are available on the ADES database ( www.ades.eaufrance.fr)

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Creator Laurence Gourcy
Publisher DEIMS-SDR
Contributor DEIMS-SDR Site and Dataset registry deims.org
Publication Year 2019
Rights No conditions apply to access and use; see etalab.gouv.fr; ADES database is developped under the opendata regulation, i.e open licence. To be cited or referenced as data from www.ades.eaufrance.fr.
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Contact l.gourcy(at)brgm.fr
Version 3.2.1
Discipline Environmental Monitoring
Spatial Coverage (0.850W, 43.267S, 0.850E, 43.267N)