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Keywords: tree height

  • Ravels Forest - Belgium

    This LTER-site corresponds with a 0.25 ha intensive forest monitoring plot (ICP Forests Level II) including a 0.25 ha buffer zone. The site is located in a homogeneous stand of...
  • Sonian Forest - Belgium

    Large forest area, ancient woodland of beech forests, just south of Brussels. In this forest, numerous research activities covering silviculture, forest history, biodiversity...
  • Gontrode - Aelmoeseneie Forest - Belgium

    The Aelmoeseneie Forest is a 28.5 ha mixed deciduous forest in the community of Gontrode, just southeast of Ghent. The largest part of the forest is ‘ancient forest’, i.e. it is...
  • Ichtegem - Wijnendale Forest - Belgium

    The LTER-site of Wijnendale Forest is a 90 ha scientific zone located in a larger mixed atlantic beech-oak-woodland (300 ha), in the North-West of Belgium, 20 km south of...
  • Brasschaat - De Inslag - Belgium

    The LTER-site of Brasschaat is a 2 ha scientific zone in a first generation plantation (1929) of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) on former heathland located in a mixed...
  • Fruska gora - Serbia

    LTER site Fruška gora is located on Fruska gora mountain, an isolated island mountain in Pannonia plain, completely surrounded by lowland. Its highest peak Crveni cot has 549m....
  • Sani Environmental Observatory - Greece

    The Sani Environmental Observatory (S.E.O.) is located within a mature, near-coastal Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis L.) ecosystem at the peninsula of Kassandra, in Chalkidiki,...
  • LTER Zöbelboden - Austria

    The Zöbelboden was established in 1992 as the only Integrated Monitoring station in Austria under the UN Convention on long-range transboundary air pollution (CLRTAP). In 2006...
  • TERENO Harz/Central German Lowland LTER - Germany

    In the framework of TERENO "terrestrial observatories" are set up in selected German regions for climate and landuse change studies. The Harz/Central German Lowland Observatory...
  • Jussy - Switzerland

    The forest site "Jussy" has been installed in 1995 as part of the Swiss Long-term Forest Ecosystem Research Programme LWF. The programme investigates anthropogenic and natural...
  • Davos Seehornwald - Switzerland

    The LWF research programme provides, on the one hand, long-term data series from the last 20 years, together with a scientific interpretation to national and international...
  • Collelongo-Selva Piana ABR1 - Italy

    Beech forest in the Central italian Apennines
  • Krofdorf - Germany

    Krofdorf Forest hydrological research area 4 catchments: A1 (9 ha), A2 (20 ha), B1 (11 ha), B2 (14 ha)
  • Ehrhorn intensive monitoring site - Germany

    Quercus robur and Pinus silvestris forests on glacio-fluvial sediments
  • Augustendorf intensive forest monitoring site - Germany

    Intensive Forest Monitoring site with Pinus silvestris - Betula pendula forest
  • Göttinger Wald intensive forest monitoring site - Germany

    Fagus sylvatica forest on limestone plateau
  • Lange Bramke - Germany

    Forest Hydrological Research Basin Lange Bramke
  • Laegeren - Switzerland

    The site is located next to Wettingen in the canton of Aargau, within a natural, mixed forest stand which mainly consists of 150 year-old beech (Fagus sylvatica) and 120-170...
  • Luess intensive monitoring site - Germany

    mixed Fagus sylvatica - Quercus petraea forest on glacio-fluvial sediments
  • Bornhoeved Lake District - Germany

    Ensemble of agricultural and forestry systems in a catchment area of five consecutively connected lakes