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Tags: normalized vegetation index

  • OMERE Roujan catchment

    Small agricultural catchment (91 ha) in a vineyard Mediterranean environment with 20 years of data: impact of global change (climate and anthropogenic activities as agricultural...
  • Sevilleta

    Desert grassland, shrubland, woodland, forest and riparian habitats in central New Mexico, USA
  • LTER Fulophaza Site, KISKUN LTER

    LTER Fulophaza is a high diversity site, both in terms of habitats and species, in the Kiskunság Sand Ridge. It harbors some of the central facilities of the KISKUN LTER, such...
  • Gobabeb

    Gobabeb is a Research Centre with accommodation, conference, laboratory and teaching facilities in Namibia's Namib-Naukluft National Park, about 65km from the coast on the...