Spectroscopy obs. of RAVE J094921.8-161722 (Gull+, 2018)

RAVE J094921.8-161722 was first identified as a very metal-poor star candidate from RAVE DR5 (Kunder+ 2017, III/279) and followed up with medium-resolution spectroscopy obtained with the ESO/NTT and the SOAR 4.1m telescopes. The NTT/EFOSC-2 data were gathered in 2015A, covering the wavelength range 3300-5100{AA} with a resolving power R~1900 and signal-to-noise ratio S/N~40 per pixel at 3900{AA}. The SOAR observations were carried out in 2016A, using the Goodman Spectrograph, covering the wavelength range 3550-5500{AA} with a resolving power of R~1500 and S/N~50 per pixel at 3900{AA}. RAVE J094921.8-161722 was then observed with the MIKE spectrograph on the Magellan-Clay telescope at Las Campanas Observatory (LCO) on 2016 April 15 and 16, and again on 2017 June 5 (R~28000 in the red and R~35000 in the blue). The resulting S/N per pixel in the 2017 spectrum is 190 at ~4000{AA}, 370 at ~4700{AA}, 280 at ~5200{AA}, and 470 at ~6000{AA}. We have complied heliocentric radial velocity measurements for RAVE J094921.8-161722 covering ~13yrs, although with a 7yr gap from 2009 to 2016; these are listed in Table 1.

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