Number of forest plots


Number of forest sample plots (Plots). Citation: - Abegg, M.; Brändli, U.-B.; Cioldi, F.; Fischer, C.; Herold-Bonardi, A.; Huber M.; Keller, M.; Meile, R.; Rösler, E.; Speich, S.; Traub, B.; Vidondo, B. (2014). Fourth national forest inventory - result tables and maps on the Internet for the NFI 2009-2013 (NFI4b). [Published online 06.11.2014] Available from World Wide Web Birmensdorf, Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL. doi:10.21258/1057112

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Creator Meinrad Abegg (WSL); Urs-Beat Brändli (WSL); Fabrizio Cioldi (WSL); Christoph Fischer (WSL); Anne Herold-Bonardi (WSL); Markus Huber (WSL); Markus Keller (WSL); Rolf Meile (WSL); Erik Rösler (WSL); Simon Speich (WSL); Berthold Traub (WSL); Beatriz Vidondo (WSL)
Publisher Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL
Contributor Urs-Beat Brändli; EnviDat
Publication Year 2014
Funding Reference Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)
Rights WSL Data Policy
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Language English
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Version 1.0
Discipline Economics
Spatial Coverage (5.956W, 45.818S, 10.492E, 47.808N); Switzerland