SRM Meitinger et al. Sequence Matters Data


The data set is the data set for the following article in Survey Research Methods: Meitinger, K., Braun, M., Behr, D.: "SEQUENCE MATTERS IN WEB PROBING: THE IMPACT OF THE ORDER OF PROBES ON RESPONSE QUALITY, MOTIVATION OF RESPONDENTS, AND ANSWER CONTENT"

Population aged 18 to 65

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Creator Meitinger, Katharina; Braun, Michael; Behr, Dorothée
Publisher GESIS Data Archive
Publication Year 2018
Rights CC BY-NC-ND 4.0; Download; Freier Zugang (ohne Registrierung); Free Access (without Registration)
OpenAccess true
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Resource Type Dataset
Format application/x-stata; application/pdf
Discipline Empirical Social Research