Replication data for: Windmills, Nizaa and the typology of binominal compounds


This data set consists of 500+ nominal compounds from the African language Nizaa (sgi; Niger-Congo, Cameroon). It is based on an unpublished word list collected by Rolf Theil ( genannt Endresen) of the University of Oslo in the 1980s. Each compound and its constituents are glossed and annotated for word class, and 201 transparent noun-noun compounds are annotated for head position and semantic relation. The data set was originally prepared for the author's 2010 MA dissertation, which sought to explain the presence of both left-headed and right-headed nominal compounds in Nizaa. It was updated and revised in conjunction with the publication of his 2016 article Windmills, Nizaa and the typology of binominal compounds.

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Publication Year 2018
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