Appendix Data - Jason Matthew Lund - Dissertation, "Advanced Techniques for Carbon Nanotube Templated Microfabrication"


This dataset consists of the publicly publishable data from which results were taken for the Dissertation of Jason Matthew Lund, "Advanded Techniques for Carbon Nanotube Templated Microfabrication".

Chapter 2 AFM data: 100um x 100um and 2um x 2um scan areas. Chapter 4 Thermal barrier data: Thermal conductivity measurements and analysis code, Raman Spectra, Compression Test Data. Chapter 5 Porosity data: 20um x 20um and 5um x 5um raw SEM demo images along with processed versions of the images that show pore segmentation. Also included are the python scripts used to binarize images and run porosity, centroid, and second moment of area calculations. Misc. Useful Code: Various python scripts and latex snippets that were useful during the course of this work. BibTex bibliography is included. List of useful software is included.

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