VMC DR4 - VISTA Magellanic System survey

The VMC survey aims to obtain YJKs band photometry across the system down to Ks=20.3 at S/N=10. This sensitivity corresponds to the bottom of the red giant branch field stellar population and allows us to determine the global spatially resolved star formation history with unprecedented quality and to construct a three-dimensional map of the system. A wide-area encompassing the D25 as well as major features delineated by the distribution of stars and HI gas, will both trace the structure of the galaxies and signatures of past and present interactions. Contemporary optical and kinematic observations of comparable sensitivity will provide the community with a superior database for future studies of the system and will give us an excellent insight as to what has happened elsewhere in the Universe.

Source http://www.star.herts.ac.uk/~mcioni/vmc/
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