Ecopotential D5.4 Gran Paradiso (Lake Trebecchi) datasets

Project Title: ECOPOTENTIAL: IMPROVING FUTURE ECOSYSTEM BENEFITS THROUGH EARTH OBSERVATIONS Project number: 641762 Project Acronym: ECOPOTENTIAL Proposal full title: DATA SETS ON THE HISTORIC EVOLUTION OF THE ECOSYSTEMS Type: Research and innovation actions Work program topics addressed: SC5-16-2014: “Making Earth Observation and Monitoring Data usable for ecosystem modelling and services” Changes in the hydrologic aspects of climate are of optimum importance. However, the details of past changes in the hydrologic cycle are difficult to reconstruct. In this reportwe show the firs results of the analyses of paleohydrologicalproxies (n-alkanes) that allow the reconstruction of multiple terms of the hydrologic budgetin the GPNP. We analyzeda core from Lake Trebecchi (GPNP), and after the definition of the age-dating chronology, we measured the concentrations of n-alkanes and their major indexes (ACL, Paq, C27/C31) usually selected to infer information about hydrological evolution of the ecosystems.

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Creator Argiriadis, Elena; Poto, Luisa; Baneschi, Ilaria; Barbante, Carlo
Publication Year 2019
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