Perpendicular HF map to the Orion Bar (Kavak, 2019)

The observations were made with HIFI onboard Herschel on 2012 August 28 with observation id (obsid) 1342250409. The HF map of the Orion Bar was centered on the CO+ peak, that is, RA=05:35:20.8, DE=-05:25:17.10 (J2000). Reference spectra have been taken ~5.5' away at RA=05:35:45.0, DE=-05:26:16.9 (J2000). The total integration time (OTF + Reference observation) is 105min. The dobule-sideband system temperature (Tsys) is 920K. The full width at half maximum (FWHM) beam size at 1232.476GHz is 18.1" which corresponds to 7500AU or 0.036pc at the distance of the Orion Bar.

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