Mangroves and Meaning-Making: A mutual relationship over time? Expert interview transcripts


EN: Transcriptions of semi-structured interviews held with stakeholders involved in mangrove management and/or mangrove use during field work in the mangrove areas of Southern Ecuador. Questions developed based on cultural domain analysis (Borgatti 1994, Bernard 2006:266ff., Schnegg and Lang 2008) and grand tour questions (Spradley 1979:86) within the theoretical framework of the Sociology of Knowledge. The lack of female voices is not only coincidently but symptomatic for the scientific and everyday-life (mangrove) discourse (cf. Merchant 1989 [1980], Haraway 1991, Harding 1991, Beard 2015, Cormier-Salem 2017).ES:Transcripciónes de entrevistas abiertas estandarizadas con stakeholders implicados en la gestión de manglares y/o el uso de manglares durante un trabajo de campo en los manglares de Ecuador del Sur. Cuestionario desarrollado basando en el cultural domain analysis (Borgatti 1994, Bernard 2006: 266ff., Schnegg and Lang 2008) y grand tour questions (Spradley 1979: 86) dentro del esquema teoretica de la Sociología del conocimiento. La falta de voces femininas no está coincidencialmente sino sintomático por el discurso científico y cotidiano de los manglares (cf. Merchant 1989 [1980], Haraway 1991, Beard 2015, Cormier-Salem 2017).

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