Selected wet snow avalanche activity data Davos, Switzerland (2011-2014)


Polygons of wet snow avalanches in the Davos area, as documented by the Swiss avalanche warning service. The georeferenced outlines of the avalanches contain both the release as well as the deposit area, but without separating between both. The dataset is a subset of the total record of 1615 avalanches classified as wet snow avalanches from October 2011 - September 2014, containing those 255 avalanches exceeding 0.0125 km^2. Every polygon comes with meta data, including the date of occurrence. This dataset is the underlying dataset to: Wever, N., Vera Valero, C. and Techel, F. (2018) Coupled snow cover and avalanche dynamics simulations to evaluate wet snow avalanche activity. Submitted to J. Geophys. Res., in review.

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Creator Swiss Avalanche Warning Service (WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF)
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Spatial Coverage (9.708W, 46.673S, 9.995E, 46.866N); Switzerland