Sediment cores from shallow marine coastal basins, Sachs Harbour, Banks Island, NWT

The inundation basin approach to sea level reconstruction relies on the accurate determination of the former height of the basin sill over which the marine water flooded. The methods used include percussion coring and vibracoring of sill and basin sediments. The locations were determined using previously obtained water depths and aerial photographs. Cores were obtained from a sea ice platform after having augered through the ice and taking point measurements for depth by lead line. Cores were stored upright and unfrozen where they were then shipped to GSC Atlantic for logging and subsampling.

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Creator Bryan Martin, Memorial University; Rod Smith, Geological Survey-NRCan and Memorial University; Trevor Bell, Memorial University
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Publication Year 2008
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Spatial Coverage (-125.350W, 71.920S, -124.910E, 71.980N)
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