Replication Data for: Self-interest and data protection drive the adoption and moral acceptability of big data technologies: A conjoint analysis approach.


The research investigates which factors among outcome favorability, data protection, and data sharing has the highest relative influence on people's willingness to adopt new big data technologies and how morally acceptable they find these technologies. To investigate this question, we conducted an online study using a conjoint design. The data includes the data from this conjoint study.

This data package includes the data, analysis scripts, and relevant documents for Chapter 2 of the dissertation: The role of tradeoffs and moralization in the adoption of big data.

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Creator Kodapanakkal, Rabia (Tilburg University); Brandt, M.J. (Tilburg University); Kogler, C. (Tilburg University); van Beest, Ilja (Tilburg University)
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