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Treehaven, situated between Rhinelander and Tomahawk, WI, is one of two relocatable sites located in NEON's Great Lakes Domain 5. The Treehaven property is owned and operated by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP), College of Natural Resources. UWSP uses the property and conference center for summer field techniques courses but welcomes other educators, researchers, and the public to use and enjoy their forests, trails, and facility. The flux/meteorological tower at this site is 116' with 6 measurement levels. The Treehaven tower location and surrounding tower plots are approximately 1 mile due south of the Steigerwaldt tower and its surrounding plots. Because the sites are managed differently, the close proximity of the towers could help isolate the effect of management practices on carbon cycling dynamics. The tower top extends above the vegetation canopy to allow sensors mounted at the top and along the tower to capture the full profile of atmospheric conditions from the top of the vegetation canopy to the ground. The tower collects physical and chemical properties of atmosphere-related processes, such as humidity, wind, and net ecosystem gas exchange. Precipitation data are collected by a tipping bucket at the top of the tower and a series of throughfalls located in the soil includes airborne remote sensing surveys, automated instrument measurements and observational field sampling.There are also multiple plots for soil sensors and sampling and organismal sampling including birds, ticks, mammals, and mosquitoes. Total data products planned for this site: 112

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