Q-CHAT scores of Polish toddlers with autism spectrum disorders and typically developing controls


The Q-CHAT (Allison, C., Baron-Cohen, S., Wheelwright, S., Charman, T., Richler, J., Pasco, G., & Brayne, C., 2008) is a parent-report screening tool for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) for children aged 18 to 24 months. Parents score each of the 25 items on a scale from 0 to 4, with higher scores indicating atypical behavior symptomatic of ASD. Please refer to the paper by Allison et al. (2008) for detailed information about the instrument and scoring procedures.

This database contains Q-CHAT item scores and basic socio-demographic information about 252 Polish toddlers: 135 with a community-based diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and 118 typically developing toddlers.

Previous studies with British (Allison et al., 2008; Allison, C., Auyeung, B., & Baron-Cohen, S., 2012) and Singaporean (Magiati et al., 2015) participants demonstrated that the Q-CHAT was an efficient screening tool. Our study aimed to determine whether the Q-CHAT could be used as a screening tool for autism spectrum disorders in Poland.

Preliminary results were presented in a manuscript which is currently under review.

The authors would like to thank the SYNAPSIS Foundation and all partners of the Early Identification of Autism Programme “Badabada”, PSONI Center for Early Intervention in Warsaw, The Autistic People Help Association “Together forward”, JiM Foundation, Polish National Autism Society and Anna Banasiak, Majka Niedzielska, and Julia Borejsza for their help in the collection of data.

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