Growth rate and environmental stress of Bryophytes in the Torngat and Mealy Mountains, Labrador

The study sites were located at the altitudinal forest-tundra (forest, 580 m; forest-tundra, 620 m; and tundra, 900 m) transition of the Mealy Mountains. In the Torngat Mountains (low-Arctic), sites were located along elevational (70 m, 400 m, 850 m) and moisture (wet, mesic, dry) gradients. At each site, two locations were chosen randomly along a 5-meter transect; Care was taken to include all species if it was present in the habitat. At each sampling location, at least twenty shoots were taken per species. The total number of yearly growth data points is 895. Annual incremental growth rate (mm) was measured at the sites (as present) for Polytrichum piliferum, P. juniperinum, and Hylocomium splendens. Growth rates were compared with ANOVA.

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