Scanning XRF elemental counts, quantitative elemental compositions, and foraminiferal d18O of Santa Barbara Basin recent and Termination V (~424 ka) sediments, supplement to: Napier, Tiffany J; Hendy, Ingrid L; Hinnov, Linda A; Brown, Erik T; Shevenell, Amelia E (2018): Subtropical hydroclimate during Termination V (∼430-422 ka): Annual records of extreme precipitation, drought, and interannual variability from Santa Barbara Basin. Quaternary Science Reviews, 191, 73-88

Scanning XRF elemental count data for silicon, sulfur, potassium, calcium, titanium, iron, bromine, and coherent scatter from Santa Barbara Basin cores SPR0901-04BC, MV0508-33JPC, MV0508-21JPC, and MV0508-29JPC, measured by cumulative depth [cm] in cps using an ITRAX XRF core scanner. This has been divided into: core 04BC; intervals A, B, C, and D for 33JPC; C1, C2, and D for 21JPC; D for 29JPC; whole core 33JPC, and whole core 29JPC. The data set also contains PC1s (first principal component of these elements after principal component analysis; [score]) for each division .The annual time [a] is provided for each measurement in 04BC, and intervals A, B, C, and D for 33JPC. The composite PC1 [score] for the Termination V core suite and the composite depth [cmcd] is included. Quantitative aluminum [%], calcium [%], iron [%], potassium [%], magnesium [%], manganese [%], sodium [%], sulfur [%], and titanium [%] compositions for Termination V sediments measured using ICP-AES or ICP-MS. Foraminiferal d18O [per mil VPDB] from planktic G. bulloides and N. pachyderma and benthic Uvigergina spp. and Bolivina spp. by cumulative and composite depth.

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